EU/JP Plug Outdoor Multifunctional Emergency Radio Solar Crank D ynamo Powered AM/FM/NOAA With LED Flashlight Power Bank 5000mAh


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Bullet Points:
1、Multiple Charging Ways: The NOAA Emergency Weather Radio is suitable for solar panel charging, crank charging, AAA dry battery, and USB input charging, which ensure fast recovery and emergency charging anywhere.
2、5000mAh Power Bank: The Emergency Crank Solar AM/FM Radio has a large-capacity 5000mAh battery, which can works as a mobile power source for USB charging, providing a way to charge other necessary accessories.
3、5 in 1 Multi-function: The 5000mAh Emergency Crank Radio is designed with functions as radio, flashlight, reading light, smartphone charging, and SOS alarm functions, corresponding to FM/AM/(FM:87~108), suitable for daily use, outdoors, disasters, earthquakes, power outages, etc.
4、IPX3 Waterproof Performance: The Hand Crank Solar Emergency Radio features IPX3 excellent waterproof performance, able to work under rainy weather, and come in handy in an emergency.
5、Portable AM/FM Radio: The Weather NOAA Radio Hand Crank is compact and lightweight, easy to carry and suitable for various ocns, providing an easy way to listen to important weather or news updates.
1. AM/FM/WB (weather forecast) radio (WB only available for the US model)
2.1.0W LED Flashlight
3.0.2W Reading Light
4. SOS Alarm Function
5.5000mAh Built-IN Lithium Battery
6. Headphone Jack
7.4 battery level indicator LEDs, each indicating 25% charge
8. Station window indication information: radio frequency, signal strength and charging status
9. Emergency power bank, charge mobile phones and other DC 5V electronic products in an emergency
10. Charging and power supply methods
A. 0.1W solar panel
B. Hand crank generator
C. Charging via WeChat USB
D: AAA dry battery backup (required by the customer)
Name: Hand Crank Solar Emergency Radio
Product size: 15*7.8*5.5cm/5.91*3.07*2.16in
Power supply mode: rechargeable lithium-ion battery, AAA dry battery
Power supply mode: hand-cranked power generation, solar power, USB charging, AAA dry battery
Channel range: AM520~1710KHz, FM87~108MHz, WB 162.40~162.55MHz (WB can only be used in the US version, and the US version in Europe can also be used)
Working voltage: 3.0V~4.2V
Applicable temperature: -10℃-+60℃
Maximum power consumption: 2.0W
Packing List:
1*Hand Crank Solar Emergency Radio
1*USB Cable

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